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GoodWorld's Puppy Playoffs

Check out our all-star line up and #donate to your favorite to help them win the Puppy Playoffs! Every dollar counts as one point
Rural Dog Rescue


Scout is a goofy boy who makes a great running partner and cuddle buddy - he's got good energy but seamlessly transforms into a couch potato when he needs to. This handsome boy is strong for his size but that doesn't stop him from crawling into your lap. Scout can't wait to find his forever family here in DC!

#donate for Scout


West Suburban Humane Society
Hut, hut, hike! My name is Princess Merida and even we Highlanders love football. I'm a beautiful girl for sure, but I'm as smart as Eli Manning, too! My athleticism comes naturally to me being part Australian Shepherd. I can run through my foster mom's living room obstacle course as well as Walter Payton could slip through the defensive line! I'm a Brave girl, too. I meet challenges head on and soon I will dash to my end zone and score a home. One question: how many points does adoption score?


Partners for Pets

Auggie may not be the biggest guy in the room (YET) but I promise you he has the biggest personality! Auggie was 1 of 11 puppies in his litter. He learned very quickly that if he wanted all eyes on him he was going to have to turn up the cute, oh boy, that's just what he's done! Auggie's mother, Roxy, was rescued by Partners for Pets animal control when she was pregnant. Partners for Pets immediately got Roxy into a foster home where she spent less than one week before she gave birth to 11 precious puppies. In 2015, Partners for Pets rescued and rehomed 1,348 dogs and cats out of local animal control facilities. A vote for Auggie is a vote for the survival of animals in pounds throughout the Metro St.Louis area. 

#donate for Auggie

Nevada Humane Society
Looking for a pup who will get you through to the end zone? I'm the one! I run faster than anyone, can dodge tackles like nobody, and catch all over the field! Let me hold onto that football and I'll show you the way to the touchdown of your life. Donate to me and make a difference!

#donate for Denise

Lenawee Humane Society
Cute, spunky Patch first came to Lenawee Humane Society in July of 2015. Under a year old, she had obviously led a rough life already. Patch was emaciated, suffering from heartworm disease, and deaf. Within two months, she was a chunky, happy pup and heartworm free! Patch will always be deaf, but she now knows quite a few basic commands through hand signals and she'll be able to live like a normal dog. Patch reminds us that not every dog is perfect, but the perfect forever home does exist for every dog. We just have to help her find it!

#donate for Patch

Tired Dog Rescue
Hi there! My name is Aubie I am a 9-week-old male Yorkie/Papillion mix. Ain't I just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Everyone keeps telling me that and I eat it up. Unfortunately my mommy came down ill so she needed me to find a new home. I was a little sad but I am fitting right in at my foster mommy's house. I am trying to be a good boy for her so that I can stay forever. I haven't even showed her I can bark or anything yet. I am learning where to potty but still having accidents but she said that was ok and that I will learn everything very soon. I can't wait to tell you all about what I learned. Talk to you soon!!

#donate for Aubie


Austin Pets Alive
Hailey is a terrier mix who came to Austin Animal Center with a leg injury. Austin Pets Alive! took her into their foster program and worked to rehabilitate her leg. Since filming Puppy Bowl XII, Hailey has been adopted into her forever home, but there are many more pets like Hailey you could help with a contribution.

#donate for Hailey


Coastal Pet Rescue
It's hard to get anything done around the house with this little face looking at you. Little Drake is fierce against a Swiffer mop but melts just like butter in your lap. He's learning something new every day from his foster sisters.

#donate for Piper

Semper K9

Buster is a 10 week old silver lab donated by Veteran advocate Carly Pritchard. Buster in named in honor of Vietnam veteran SP5 Marcellus Frank “Buster” Stuck II. Frank served in the United States Army during Vietnam (62-65). He was crew chief on H21 Helicopters with the 121st Aviation Company, the “Soc Trang Tigers.” He is a calm, well mannered pup. He will make a disabled veteran a wonderful service dog.

#donate for Buster


The Puppy Mill Project 
Millie was born in a puppy mill in Kansas and rescued in 2013, after spending 8 years living in a cage as a breeding mother. We'll never know for sure, but she could have had as many as 15 litters, potentially 75 puppies during that time.

Millie had to learn that humans could be warm and loving. She had to get used to being touched, and to live outside of a cage, where her feet could touch the ground, including things we are used to, like carpet and grass and tile. Like most mill dog rescues, Millie walked in circles at first, as that was what her existence had limited her to. She now enjoys the warm coziness of a snuggle, full reign of her family's home, and regular vet visits, none of which she had in the beginning of her life.

#donate for Millie

Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE) 
Do you like to support the "under dog"? Well if so then THIS is the puppy for YOU! "Finding Nemo" takes on a whole new meaning with this little dachshund puppy, who at just 1 week old was taken to a local animal shelter with his mommy and other 3 littler mates (1 boy and 2 girls) where they were all surrendered.
The shelter knew that it was no place for a mommy nursing 1 week old pups so they contacted DARE the same day & DARE said YES, so the whole family was immediately placed in a shelter foster home until they could be transported to the rescue foster home, where they will all stay until they have been medically cleared and have found their forever homes.

Now just like Finding Nemo the movie, the lead character Nemo, will not allow is "disability" to stop him from finding his very own home and leading a happy, healthy, spoiled life with a loving furever family!

What does voting to Nemo mean? Well, DARE is a 100% ALL VOLUNTEER run rescue that has saved over 3,000 dachshunds in over 10 years within Florida. There is no shelter, our volunteers and foster homes do it all with nothing more than a whole lot of love from their own homes and support from people just like you.

As Nemo continues to grow and develop he has his own veterinary care team closely monitoring his progress and who will advise us on the best course of action for his overall health and future. Being a DARE foster means we are constantly working to find funds for Nemo's care and of course the right forever family when the time comes.

So please consider helping DARE find Nemo the funds to cover medical care not just for him but for all the dogs of DARE.

Based on the most recent medical exam 1/25, there is a 50/50 chance that Nemo might lose the entire leg if it starts to create additionally bodily injury as he grows and develops, but then again there is also the chance that with the proper funding he might be able to use a custom prosthetic and save his leg.

Only time will tell how this story ends, but you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along the way to #FindingNemo a forever home and the best medical care in the state of Florida thanks to @DAREtoRescue.

#donate for Nemo

Home Free Animal Rescue


Samoa came into our rescue at just 8 weeks old! She was adopted by a loving family but still loves to come and help out Home Free when she can.

#donate for Samoa