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GoodWorld wants to 
#donate up to $1 Million to Nonprofits this Giving Season

We want to mobilize 1 million people on a mission for good to give back to the causes they care about, including yours! This December, we are putting $1 million on the table to inspire 1 million #donations on social media by the end of the year.  

GoodWorld’s #donate technology turns social media conversations into instant donations, sparking a viral giving event right on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. This December, let's make generosity go viral! 

Starting on December 1, GoodWorld will give an additional $1 #donation for every completed #donation of $20 or more made to your nonprofit through #donate. Up to $1 million dollars in total #donations from GoodWorld are up for grabs by our nonprofit partners through December 31, 2015.

Don't miss this opportunity to earn extra #donations from GoodWorld! Rally your supporters and leverage the power of social media.  Find out more


Not familiar with GoodWorld or #donate?

Get ready to add a new weapon to your fundraising arsenal. Join the over 1,300  nonprofits that are using #donate to unleash generosity on social media.

Making donations doesn’t get any easier than this: Your followers can contribute to your cause simply by commenting “#donate” on your Facebook page or retweeting a tweet you send out. It is a one-time 60 second donor sign up with no additional forms necessary, ever! See how it works

Want to join the Million Dollar Challenge, but not a GoodWorld partner yet? 

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