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How to Craft a Strong Call to Action on Social Media


Social media is a difficult place to be seen in general, so when you're lucky enough have your post actually land in a fan's newsfeed, make sure you're taking advantage of that opportunity by asking them to do something.

Whether it's sharing, volunteering, signing a petition or getting them to give, make sure you're clearly telling them to do something while making them want to take that action. Crafting a call to action that keeps your fans attention and gets them to react is very difficult on any platform, but it's even more difficult on social media.

Here are four essential elements of a strong call to action that you can apply to your Facebook posts and tweets. 

1. Action Verbs

Get people motivated by giving them a command to take action. Consider the exact action you are trying to get your fans to take and then choose an action verb that commands them to do that one thing. Action verbs get people excited and give them a very clear next step to take. For example, National Geographic wanted their fans to donate, so they simply asked them to "comment #donate."


2. Urgency

Don't lose people after you've earned their attention. Keep them engaged by making them feel that their time to take action is in that moment...or else you will lose them. Many people will see a call to action, but will tell themselves they can come back to it. Guess what? They will forget.

Make them feel as if time is working against them. This can be done by using phrases like "before it's too late" or giving people an exact timeframe of some sort. Including a story like the poor Suraj's story is a great example of a story that causes the reader to want to take action immediately to stop his suffering.


3. Voice

Your voice should reflect the excitement that you're already creating with your action verb and sense of urgency. Don't let your messaging fall flat when asking people to take action or you will lose your reader. They should feel that excitement throughout your entire message, so that when they've finished reading they're ready to do what you're telling them to do. 

4. Impact

No matter what you're telling them to do, there must be some kind of description as to the positive effects that person can have by completing that process. This is especially true when trying to get people to #donate! In fact, demonstrating the impact a person's donation can have for your cause is the number one motivator in getting people to give.

Try to either quantify people's impact or making them feel that that one action, such as just giving $5, will help you reach your goal in feeding hungry children, saving an animal's life, or whatever it is you're trying to achieve.

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